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Inside Leg and Arm  
Side Arm  


Welcome. The following instructions are meant to be a starting point. You will soon develop your own style and technique. The example shown here is a vertical spray pattern moving the mist applicator (spray gun) up and down the body. Note: Some technicians use a different setting and spray in a horizontal, back and forth pattern or a combination of both (not shown on this site). Experiment and see what works for you.

Adjust the spray nozzle to about a 5”or 6” wide horizontal spray pattern. When spraying hold the spray applicator about 6” inches from the body. These settings will vary depending on the solution you use and the speed at which you spray. The application usually takes 5-8 minutes using about 2.5oz - 3oz of solution. With a few practice sessions you’ll be able to make adjustments, see what works and be in your own comfort zone.

Keep a steady pace and follow through. Always start and stop your spray off the body holding the mist applicator in a level position. If you find positions requiring you to end on the body slowly let off the spray trigger and quickly pull the gun back away from the body.

spray positions

After clients have prepped I have them stand on an oversized beach towel in front of some over spray fans.

Instruct the client to close their eyes, breathe in and hold their breath. Spray down the front of the face, then the right side of the face, then the left side. OK, breathe.

Have the client stand with arms slightly away from body and feet apart. Start off the shoulder spraying down the left side of the body veering off by the ankle (avoid the feet), up the right side of the body off the shoulder. Then up the middle up to the neck pulling the gun back away from the body. Spray will slightly over lap.

Inside Leg
Have client turn their knee out and slightly bend. Spray up the inside of the left leg pulling back when reaching the groin area. (Repeat on the right side of the body)

Inside Arm - Palm Of Hand Facing Technician
Starting off the body at the wrist area and moving quickly up the arm. Pull gun back and spray lighter in this area for a more natural look. (Repeat on the right side of the body)

Pick up from where you left off at the inside of the upper arm. Follow down past the arm pit continuing down the side of the body off the ankle. (Repeat on the other side of the body)

Starting off the shoulder, spray down the left side of the body finishing off at the ankle. Continue up the right side of the body finishing off the shoulder. Then up the middle to the neck area pulling the gun back away from the body.

Back Of Arms
Have the client hold their arms out a little and slightly rotate their wrists turning thumbs towards the back wall. Start off the body, spray down the tricep area, side of arm, finishing off by the wrist.

Top Of Arms Front
Start off the body spray down towards the wrists veering off before reaching the back of hands.

Hands And Feet
Have the client hold their hands out in a clawed position. Pull the gun further away from the body and do a few quick light sprays.
(TIP: Hands and feet can be a little tricky at first. Less is more. They might not look like their getting enough spray but trust me, it is more than enough.)

Side Of Arms
Have the client turn sideways, thumbs pointing in towards their legs. Hitting the tops of the shoulders continue down the side of the arm veering off by the wrist.

Repeat the process. I either do 2 light coats or 1 heavy coat followed by a quick light coat depending on the clients needs and skin type.

Have baby wipes available to clean palms of hands and bottom of feet.

Time To Dry
You can use the air from the HVLP Spray Gun to dry clients. Although they dry pretty fast some clients like to stand in front of a fan for a few minutes.

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